A Spring Update

First, thank you all who have stood by me and have welcomed me back! Dealing with a difficult situation is always easier when you have a great support system, and in that I have been blessed! Your calls, cards, emails, visits and well wishes have meant more to me then words can say! From deep in my heart I thank you!

The Wardrobe Doctor Is In!

Now, about your wardrobe! I am still the "Wardrobe Doctor", and although a bit slower due to an added accessory of a cane, I am always rdy to help you take your current wardrobe to the next level! I can work by appointment, according to your schedule, or you can stop by between 1:00 - 6:00, Tuesday through Saturday. If you contact me ahead of time, I will change my schedule accordingly. I do not want to miss your visit.

With the arrival of warm weather, it is time our Fall wardrobes take leave, and our Spring/Summer wardrobes take the lead.

A new season offers a fresh approach to recreate how your current season's wardrobe works for you. It is an opportune time to update what you own with a few new pieces, refresh with the latest colors and fabrications, replace those forlorn pieces that have seen better days, and refashion your NEW favorite combinations! Remember to ACCESSORIZE ! Keep in mind, your upcoming vacations and special events that need specific outfits! Pull your wardrobe together now, to eliminate those last minute anxieties of finding the missing pieces, or correct sizes, after everyone has been there first!

Enjoy your wardrobe! Let it work for you!

Have a wonderful summer!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest Wishes,


415 370-8830 (mobile)
415 986-4380 (W.B.)

Cathy “Cat” Ubell

  • Wardrobe consultant/stylist at Wilkes Bashford
  • Closet Organizer
  • Outfit Co-ordinator
  • Wardrobe Doctor

I am the Wardrobe Doctor. I will work with you to develop a wardrobe that is an investment to your image, starting from the ground up.

Services Include:

  • Consultation and evaluation of your current wardrobe
  • House calls to set up, clean out and reorganize your closet
  • Update, freshen up, refit or replace items that you currently own
  • Co-ordinate, layout and photograph outfits
  • Create a personal library of your individual outfits
  • Maintenance and direction for future additions to your wardrobe
  • Specializing in Men's and Women's consultations.

Please contact me at info@catinthecloset.com